Specialist Coaching

Specialist Exam Coaching

Tailored coaching sessions for doctors preparing for specialist exams

Performing confidently

Demonstrating consultant level performance in exams and at work.

Managing stress and anxiety

Tailored stress management techniques that tackle debilitating exam anxiety.

Creating effective exam responses

Word efficient and well structured written and oral exam responses that demonstrate consultant level knowledge and perspective.

Tailored refinements to communication skills

Identifying individual areas of communication that require closer attention eg. language, linguistic and facial expression, connecting with patients, posture.

Grief counselling

Delivering bad news with empathy, clarity and warmth.

Improving performance in doctors whose first language is not English

This often requires attention to phrasing, tonal variation, facial expression, expression of empathy.

Work-life-study balance

Connecting with family and friends can actually make exam preparation more effective. There’s no need to “put your life on hold”!

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